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William Desmond Taylor ProfileWilliam Desmond Taylor was a hugely successful Hollywood actor and director of the silent era. An Irishman born in the town of Carlow; his extraordinary journey brought him from a ranch in Kansas, to an antique shop in New York, to the gold mines of the Yukon, before finally arriving in Los Angeles at the emergence of the nascent movie industry.

In ‘Tinsel Town’ he became a screen actor appearing in 27 movies and later a director at the helm of  60 movies. He was a 3-term president of the Screen Directors Guild and eventually the Head of Production of Players Lasky (Paramount) before he was killed in mysterious circumstances in what is considered to this day Hollywood’s greatest unsolved murder.

His murder was an international scandal with newspapers throughout the world devoting years of column inches to the case. The story from the start was mired in debauched celebrity, drug abuse, veiled homosexuality, the criminal underworld and an official cover-up. It contributed to forming of Hollywood’s infamous “Hays Code” – a four-decade long period of self censorship.

For more on his life, work and murder visit williamdesmondtaylor.wordpress.com. Here we assess the vast amount of information available via the internet, various books and through interviews with experts. We also combine the latest unearthed facts on the man, as well as, opinions on his life, death and legacy.

We’ve also produced “WHO KILLED BILL?“, the Broadcast Authority of Ireland funded, multi-award nominated, drama-documentary that tells the compelling story of murder in February 1922 of William Desmond Taylor; the biggest scandal of the day and an event that changed Tinseltown forever.

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