St. John The Gambler

A Gypsy-Swing Performance
10pm - 19th September: Culture Night

Tully’s Bar,
Tullow Street, Carlow
SJG Stage Square with Lights

​Saint John the Gambler is an exciting original Alt Gypsy Swing band with a dance-inducing spirit. This Dublin-based band led by Carlow native Mark Baker has melded sounds from by-gone eras and distant lands with modern songwriting taking in influences from Old-Time Jazz, Klezmer, Latin and Vaudeville to create a bluesy gypsy piracy. With high energy live shows SJG have gained a reputation for being one of the most exciting and unique bands in Ireland.

They truly are unique – with a line up that includes trumpet, violin, double bass, drums, banjo, guitar and vocals! They have a fluidity and music like no other band around which excites and amazes audiences night after night with it’s sensuous melodies, pulsating rhythms and emotive vocals.

Telephone: (059) 913 1862
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